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EOS has been adopted by more than 2,500 companies. Our process will work for yours to build a healthy, cohesive and accountable Leadership Team that works towards a common vision.

At Boxcar Advisory, we implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) to help you build a healthy, disciplined and cohesive Leadership Team that identifies and permanently resolves issues that are frustrating your strategy towards success. EOS is a proven, straight forward and well-organized methodology that has been successfully implemented at over 2,500 companies.

It starts with a no obligation 90-Minute Meeting attended by your leadership team to introduce the EOS process. Led by a Boxcar Advisory Professional EOS Implementer, the 90-Minute Meeting focuses on how the EOS process works and getting all your leaders on the same page to decide if implementing the EOS process and tools is right for your company.

Ultimately, it’s about your commitment to be your best. Implementing EOS with Boxcar Advisory is not a breakfast business seminar or a fluffy business fad – it takes hard work and an ongoing commitment. If you have the commitment and willingness to implement EOS, you and your company will be on a highly intensified track for success and growth. We’ve earned this confidence as these successful and passionate results have already been generated at over 2,500 companies now running on EOS.


Confronting Issues to Get Lasting Solutions – Once and for All.

Bringing candor and clarity to your leadership meetings.

Issues that frustrate business performance tend to be the same recurring issues that seem to never find a lasting solution, perhaps as a result of resource limitations or the dynamics of the management team seem to suppress the candid dialogue needed to isolate issues and permanently solve them.

Boxcar Advisory is an unbiased business coach of EOS that helps leadership teams craft achievable strategies, permanently solve issues, and confront sensitive or unspoken matters by facilitating constructive dialogue that demands a solution. Boxcar Advisory serves only the company in dogged pursuit of action plans that solve issues permanently and only for the betterment of the company – never for advancing individual goals.


Transformation begins with a 90-Minute Meeting led by a Boxcar Advisory Professional EOS Implementer.

In this meeting, your Leadership Team will learn about EOS and how it will help your company achieve peak operational rhythms and traction towards achieving your vision. Consistent with all EOS practices, this meeting is very straightforward and allows your Team to affirmatively decide after 90 minutes whether implementing EOS is right for your company. It’s that simple.

Deciding to move forward after 90 minutes comes with a stated guarantee from Boxcar and no contractual obligations on your part. Just be committed for the long run.

Going forward with being your best? We then schedule about 10 sessions over 24 months (cancelable at any time) to fully analyze and address the 6 key components of the EOS model and to set strategy for implementing EOS tools necessary for your company to follow EOS as an operating system. We then work to create a singular company Vision that is consistently followed by everyone in your company and to train your Leadership Team so that it is healthy and more cohesive, disciplined and accountable.

How EOS® Works.

The EOS Model™

The EOS Model™ illustrates the Six Key Components™ of any business that must be managed and strengthened to consistently achieve business goals.

The Six Key Components of a business are:

1. Vision. Everyone in the organization understands the same company Vision and is on board with exactly where the company is going and how it will get there, focusing on achieving this vision in all daily efforts. We help you define your company Vision with documented action plans on:

  • Core Values
  • Core Focus
  • Marketing Strategy
  • 1, 3, and 5 year Goals
  • Quarterly Rocks
  • Company Issues

2. People. You cannot achieve your vision without great people and we help you put the right people in the right positions.

3. Data. You have to know where you are in order to see where you’re going and the correct metrics must be established and consistently monitored. We help you implement metrics and scorecard tools to ensure you have timely data to know the health of your business at critical intervals and know who is accountable for each score.

After your Vision, People and Data components are strengthened, your business will be more transparent and lucid, with greater honesty and openness. People and operational issues will have nowhere to hide and all flaws and other impurities are readily apparent, demanding practical and timely resolution.

4. Issues. Strengthening this component means becoming great at identifying and solving issues throughout the organization as they arise. We build a discipline of accountability into all levels of your organization that becomes fascinated with really getting issues solved - once and for all - without the common indecisive dysfunctions of painful, never ending team discussion or “further analysis”.

5. Process. This is identifying, documenting and analyzing your business processes and procedures to make it more effective, more fun, and more manageable – generating more predictable profits. The goals are to understand what is working, what needs updating and where the opportunities are for efficiencies and streamlining the tasks within your company so that consistent results are achieved.

6. Traction®. This means strengthening discipline and accountability in your organization by creating a healthy, functional and cohesive Leadership Team to work towards achieving every part of your company vision on a daily basis.

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At Boxcar Advisory, our passion is helping Leadership Teams take a step back from their business to work on their business and reach their collective true potential. EOS is a system that is simple to understand and a challenge to implement, but the results will make the effort very rewarding. We are passionate about doing the right thing for the betterment of the client company and will bring courage to the Leadership Team sessions to address all issues and develop practical solutions with your team.


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Boxcar puts you on track to achieve your goals.

As a EOS Business Coach with a significant entrepreneurial history starting in 1990, Boxcar Advisory fully embraces the business fundamentals of EOS and will passionately help your company implement these tools into your culture. You can achieve an operational rhythm that drives your company so you can get what you want from your company!

Paul Tetreault, Principal of Boxcar Advisory and a Professional Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).


For over 25 years, Paul Tetreault has been helping entrepreneurs achieve predictable and sustainable performance from their businesses.

“I know from my own entrepreneurial experiences that businesses are like the people who work in them. They have growing pains and growth spurts, successes and failures. Businesses have personalities and goals and they can achieve wisdom along the way, just like people,” Paul said.

“Businesses have moments of clarity, where they finally see themselves exactly as they are, faults and all. That’s when, if they have the commitment and great coaching, they can be on track for great success and a balanced life. I’m proud to be an EOS Implementer and to be able to lead businesses to their moments of clarity in pursuit of great success. And it’s very rewarding to watch a leadership team fulfill their commitment and create a healthy company moving forward toward success,” Paul said.

After graduating from Walsh College with an accounting degree and then earning his Juris Doctorate degree from the Michigan State University College of Law, Paul spent the next 25 years building multiple businesses.

Paul began his entrepreneurial career in 1990 with two partners by creating two service businesses, CRI and Motor City Computer. After seven years of rapid growth and consistent operating performance, both companies were sold to a NYSE corporation and three years later, Paul and his partners purchased both companies back - over the course of a weekend. Notwithstanding the intense demand to complete this purchase in such a short period and stand up a whole new organization, Paul and his team did so and were able to meet payroll for over 100 employees by the following Friday.

One year later, Paul and his partners sold these businesses a second time to privately held Allegis Group, Inc in a transaction proving to be highly positive for all owners and employees of both companies. In his new role at Allegis Group, Paul was responsible for $80 million in revenue with more than 200 employees across five separate operating divisions. Today, both of Paul’s original companies are still thriving and in business.

Paul has a passion for entrepreneurship and is energized working with people who are on similar journeys as his own. He empathizes deeply with today’s business leaders as he has overcome many of the same obstacles they are facing and has the intuitive understanding that growing a business can be very exciting and rewarding, but does not come without many pains and heartaches.

“I think about my entrepreneurial experience and how the disciplined simplicity of EOS would have made running my companies easier, more predictable and less stressful,” Paul reflects. “EOS not only helps you identify and resolve issues in a business, it becomes a proven model that the business can rely upon for continuous improvement and achieving goals with a harmonious cadence. And EOS cultivates an open and honest leadership team that is committed to the company vision and core values, achieving predictable and consistent results”.

When coaching leadership teams to master EOS, Paul helps identify critical and delicate issues affecting company performance and guides the leadership team through the difficult decisions necessary to achieve solutions that truly make sense for the betterment of the company. Paul’s goal is to help build highly cohesive Leadership Teams that embrace the core values of the company and know how to get things done to achieve predictable results.


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